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How can I help you today?

This month some of the issues that I have helped people with include migraine, swollen knee and improved the appearance and function of scars from operations on knees, breasts and the gall bladder.

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The Bowen Technique

Are you struggling with aches and pains?
The Bowen Technique is a gentle, holistic, non-invasive, hands-on treatment that works on the whole body promoting healing and pain relief and encouraging mental, physical and emotional responses. The Bowen Technique encourages the body to re-align and begin healing; no manipulation or force is used.

The healing process will continue between Bowen Technique treatments, which usually take place weekly and last about an hour.

If you have stopped doing the things you enjoy because your body is hurting, shoulder pain, back pain, sciatica etc please come and see me for a Bowen Technique session - people of all ages respond well for acute and chronic conditions. Contact me.

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Scar Tissue Release

Damaged tissue around scars can adversely affect the body's ability to perform, giving rise to pain and discomfort.

By working on the area of the scar, using the McLoughlin Scar Release Technique, I can release the restrictions in the tissue enabling better function and The McLoughlin Scar Release Technique comes with the added benefit of improving the appearance of the scar.

If your scar is uncomfortable or unsightly, please do come and see me and experience the benefit of The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release Technique.

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Our modern way of life makes us less active than we should be and stress, pollution and processed food just add to the strain on our Lymphatic System.

Damaged or sluggish lymphatic pathways, through whatever cause, can lead to stagnant lymph which shows itself in poor health, water retention, lymphedema and lipedema. It can leave you feeling run down, susceptible to sore throats, colds and flu, struggling with a runny or blocked nose, puffy eyes and even affect the digestion and skin. It can also be very painful and uncomfortable.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is both gentle and effective at boosting the immune system. Especially useful at this time of year.

Therapeutic Massage

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When is your next appointment?

If you need help with aches, pains and general poor health and want to explore how to feel more alive, make an appointment to come and see me.

The clinic is based in St Albans town centre within The Bassett Clinic which is behind the city centre multi-storey car parks off Drovers Way/Russell Avenue on the corner of Stapley Road and Upton Avenue. St Albans is easily accessible from Berkhamsted, Harpenden, Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead, Luton, Radlett, Redbourn, Watford, Welwyn Garden City, Wheathampstead and surrounding areas.

Trains to St Albans are on the Kings Cross to Bedford Thameslink Line calling at Borehamwood & Elstree, Radlett, Harpenden, Luton, and Leagrave.

Buses to St Albans regularly run from Harpenden, Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead, Redbourn, Watford and Welwyn Garden City.

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