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Helping people feel better is so rewarding...

After hurting my back over 20 years ago, and finding relief in Complementary Care, I made the decision that I didn't want to drag heavy bags around London any more, I wanted a career change. So, after much thought, I moved from Sales by training to be a Massage Therapist. I believed I could help the people of St Albans, Harpenden and Hemel Hempstead with their muscle aches or joint pains and provide relaxation for those with depression or anxiety. I started working at The Relaxation Centre when it was in Grange Street in St Albans.

However, this then sparked a desire to help with the specific problems people came with. Issues like Back Pain, Sciatica, Tennis Elbow, Painful Knees, Jaw Pain, Headaches, Blocked Sinuses, Water Retention and Stress Related Symptoms.

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I chose to Study The Bowen Technique and Lymphatic Drainage Massage . . .

After lots of research I chose to study The Bowen Technique and Lymphatic Drainage Massage. It took a lot of work and time but this gave me the skills I needed to help with the aches, pains and issues that people were presenting with. The Bowen Technique could help with bad backs, sciatica and other joint pains like jaw pain. The Bowen Technique could also help with childhood difficulties like colic and bed wetting. The Lymphatic Drainage Massage would be able to help people with things like congestion and detox. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is incredibly relaxing.

When The Relaxation Centre closed I moved to ISIS Crystals in Market Place, St Albans. I worked upstairs in one of their rooms but sadly they too closed down. Not deterred I moved to The Bassett Clinic in Stapley Road, St Albans.

I completed The McLoughlin Scar Release Technique Course

More recently, as part of my Continuing Professional Development, I went to a seminar about scars. Like most people I didn't know the trouble scar tissue can cause or that scars can be improved with treatment. So I completed The McLoughlin Scar Release Technique Course and am excited at the benefits people with scar tissue are getting, with physical symptoms and appearance, from The McLoughlin Scar Release Technique. The treatment addresses the problems with scar tissue without the need for surgery or invasive procedures.

I am a member of Bowen Therapy, The Complementary Therapists Association and am ITEC qualified.

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