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McLoughlin Scar Release Technique

Every scar on the body is the result of some kind of trauma. A wound that was created in the body that wasn't supposed to be there. The body repaired the wound as best is could but there was inevitable scarring. Sometimes it needs a little help to make it better.

Around your scar are you experiencing any:
Feeling of Coldness
Feeling of Disconnect
Feeling of Nausea
Muscle and Tissue Wastage
Postural Distortion
Reduced Range of Motion

You may feel that these are problems that you just have to live with as they are 'normal' side effects of a scar that will diminish with time. However, they can persist for a very long time, even decades.

There is help. Using the McLoughlan Scar Release Technique I can improve the tissue around your scar reducing the discomfort and usually improving the appearance.

Have you needed:

Appendix Removal
C-Section – Emergency or Planned
Hip Replacement Surgery
Knee Surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery

Or scars through accident, bites, burning or injury. Then I can help you. Please contact me for an appointment.

For more information you can go to McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release

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